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GH Digital Agency

we are here to help your business go digital

No1 Kasi digital agency… Because we are strictly digital

3 tracks

Less likely to be play-listed

RFree/ month

3 tracks in our studio database

Less likely to be selected

Cannot be requested

Cannot participate in weekly Top 10

Web Analytics

2 weeks

R500/ 2 weeks

Most Time visits

Most Day visits

No of visits in a week

Social network crating more webs visits

Age and Gender demography

Web Analytics

4 weeks

R800/ month

Most Time & Day visits

No of visits in a week

Social network crating more webs visits

Age and Gender demography

City & Location of visitors

No of new visitors and re-visits

App notifications

Notifications to all our app users

R99.99/ month

1x per day

2x per week

Events/ Business/ Music

3+3 tracks

3 tracks + 3 free tracks

R49.99/ month

Participate in weekly top selected

Guaranteed play-listed

Can be requested

share download link

Web Design & Dev

Our designed attractive websites are responsive to Mobile devices, Tablets & Computers

R2 000/ once off

79 Email accounts

R50 / month hosting

2GB storage


1 year domain registration

Web Revamp

We edit websites for the already have

R180/ Page

Headings editing

Paragraph editing

picture uploading

Social network linking

form editing

Live presenter ad

Live presenter advert

R199.99/ month

Live presenter

Once per show

15x Playlisted

Every show

Audio Events

Play your event advert for listeners live

R100/ month

15 play-listed

30 Seconds audio

Every show


Search Engine Optimisation Improvement

R1 200/ month


Web editing

Google search appearance

Business details on google

Business on google maps

Social network

Increase likes and followers

R700/ month

Facebook post likes

Twitter Follower

Facebook business page

Twitter business page

Audio advert

Best for upcoming events

R99.99/ month

15x playlisted

30 Seconds audio

Play listed all shows

App notifications

Request quote

Request a special quote